ASPAC Day 6 Update

ASPAC Day 6 Update: Singapore v Thailand Thursday’s game saw Singapore taking on our old friends to the north; Thailand, with the end result 18-5 in favor of Thailand. Since Singapore was already eliminated from the championship games, it was decided to just have fun! And isn’t that what lacrosse is all about?!?! Late in […]


ASPAC Day 5 Update

ASPAC Day 5 Update: Singapore v Australia With our numbers low, Singapore got a lot of help today from Jesse Kemp, Nick Koelmeyer, Hamish Mathwin, Harrison Rogers, and Barton Wheeler. Thank you very much guys for helping us today! We were, however, again, a little unlucky today. Hats off to a fantastic Australia team. They […]

ASPAC Report Day 4

ASPAC Day 4: Singapore v Hong Kong. Wow. I am amazed at the heart on this team. With only 12 players, every man playing his guts out, we definitely left it all on the field today. The end result was unlucky for Singapore, a 14-10 loss to Hong Kong, but the sheer will and determination […]



Day 3 in Bangkok saw SLA Men’s team notch it’s second win. Today’s opponent was the newest FIL member nation of Malaysia. Both teams were low on numbers, but full of spirit and fought hard and played good lacrosse. The final score was 10-5 in favor of Singapore. SLA is very proud to report that […]